We have seen so many different types and styles of limos over the years so nothing should be a shock, right? Well, how about the Harley Davidson Limo…Bike? Now, there are a few Harley limos out there in the world but the Limo Bike that is something as unique as its name. The bike looks like a typical Harley from the front end, then as your eyes wander back you will notice the carriage in the back that can hold eight people.

In the Limo Bike you have all the comforts as a traditional car limo including the bar and TV. You can choose to ride inside the carriage or in the back two seats, letting the wind blow through your hair. The Harley Limo Bike is a stunning pearly white color with chrome accents that are so shiny you can see your reflection.

If you want to be seen riding in this beast through downtown Edmonton — I’m afraid you’re out of luck. It’s home is all the way in Australia, which makes me picture it being driven by kangaroos. And that makes me laugh way more than it should.

If you managed to raise the cash to get it temporarily shipped to Canada, I’d personally take it to Ontario for the Friday the 13th rally in Port Dover — Canada’s largest bike rally. I’m sure you’ll be king (or queen) of the beach.



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