From the earliest days of humans, luxury has been always around. In the form of transport the luxury meant limousine. What we know of it today is very different from a few centuries back. Limousines were not engine driven beautiful long vehicles, but they were originally horse-drawn carts.

Who would have conjured the thought that limousine could actually be traced back to Horse carriages, that’s the beauty of evolution. And limousines have evolved over the last course of a century drastically — from a horse cart to now luxuriously long vehicles having all the amenities one can imagine of.

The word “limousine” itself has quite a bit of history to it, as it’s derived from origin word “Limoges” tracing its roots in the town of France. The horse cart drivers wore clothing known as Limousine to protect them from rain and wind.

The unique attribute of a limousine which sets it apart from other modes of land based transports is that the driver’s compartment is separate from that of the passengers.

The long stretched designs of limousines were made popular in the 19th century. Originally, stretched automobiles were purposed for transportation of bands and their musical equipment. The trend quickly caught up with the masses and stretched limousines became to be known as “Big Band Buses”.

Hollywood played a vital role in the boom of limousines as they have become now, they were used to carry people of high reputation in Hollywood such as actors, actresses and other noteworthy individuals. Limos were shown in the movies and public awareness grew globally causing a huge surge in the demand of limousines for recreational purposes for common people.

Today the high end limousines are literally complete hotel rooms on wheels, they have all the right pampering one may need in travel. Once a luxury only few could afford, through the years they have now become a service for anyone who wants to experience a little taste of luxury.

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